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Welcome! We are Chain Reaction San Antonio, a League of American Bicyclists member cycling club.

Ride Times | Location

- Saturday Mornings

Cyclones Cycling Club San Antonio aims to raise awareness of the Cycling community to help promote wellness through structured and organized rides. Cyclones Cycling Club San Antonio also strives to create an environment that is welcoming to riders of all skill levels and will continue to support a "no drop" policy, where no one gets left behind or left out.

Ride Times

- Different types of rides on different days. Check the Facebook page for more information on upcoming rides.

The San Antonio Cycling Club is a recreational road bike club that offers weekday and weekend rides. Our club rides are in San Antonio and the nearby hill country areas. We welcome cyclists of all skill levels. We are a casual club and our members usually ride at various speeds from 8 to 16 mph. All of our group rides have Ride Leaders, and a sweep or SAG will be available when needed. We never leave anyone behind. Membership is free and open to anyone age 18 or older.

Ride Times:

- Saturday/Sunday 7:30 AM | Location Varies

- Tuesdays 8:00 am | Leon Creek (Mainland Trail Head)

- Wednesdays 5:00 pm | Port San Antonio

- Thursdays 8:00 an | Leon Creek (Mainland Trail Head)

- Fridays 8:00 am | Castroville

We are San Antonio's premiere cycling organization for all people in and around the San Antonio area. SAW provides cycling education, community outreach, and the passion of enthusiasts of all ages and skills who want to share in the rewarding experience of cycling.

Ride Times

- Saturday/Sunday 7:30 AM | Location Varies  

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Greenway Trails System

These trails are best for casual rides. They can be curvy at times and heavily traveled by cyclists, joggers, walkers, and families.

To view other loops and disconnected sections of the Howard W. Peak Greenway Trails System, click here.

There are many un-paved trails that run alongside the Leon Creek trail. If you are into mountain biking, this is a great local option.

Road Routes

These are good, safe routes to do when you want to get off the trails and do some more serious riding. As always, cars are unpredictable wherever you ride. Practice caution, obey traffic signals, and bring lights if it will get dark. Wearing a helmet should go without saying.

View Strava Heat Maps to see where cyclists are riding. Go to the Route Builder, and in the settings tab, select "Global Heatmap" to plan your route. Then, join the Paragon Training Club on Strava and start riding!

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