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High-performance testing

Performance Testing
Performance Testing

INSCYD will improve your performance.


INSCYD is a physiological assessment software used by leading teams and athletes in cycling, triathlon and other endurance sports. By using INSCYD testing, our Paragon Coaches can act as a ‘virtual lab’ and provide a detailed lab assessment to all our athletes.

Until now there was only physiological testing in the lab, and power meter data from training and racing – but both stood separately. There was no technology to melt these data to create one overall picture. Power-Performance Decoder (PPD) is the only technology to combine such power data from training and racing with laboratory data (including body composition, lactate or VO2). 

INSCYD is the only physiological assessment tool that captures aerobic and glycolytic performance (VO2max and VLamax).


Power-Performance Decoder creates a 360° athlete performance profile

Virtual Lab

INSCYD captures all the data you would get from the most comprehensive laboratory testing – in a simple field test. 

Easy and Fast

An athlete completes the protocol in less than 90 minutes, and coaches are able to complete an athlete assessment, using INSCYD’s software, in less than 5 minutes.


When benchmarked against the ‘gold standard’ metabolic cart, INSCYD provides the same level of accuracy, with a much deeper look at an athlete's unique characteristics. 


INSCYD is based on fundamental peer reviewed science. The technology is used by world tour teams and validated by medal winning performances.