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Firsts at DAM 09

Most of us remember the first time we did something - riding a bike, perhaps, or flying in an airplane. Triathlons are one of those things that are usually very memorable, especially for first-timers. Team Paragon athlete Agustin Salvat now has his own triathlon memory. This past weekend at the Dam '09 Sprint Triathlon, Salvat was at last "inducted" into the triathlon fold. He'll never admit he did well, or that he really enjoyed it. His wife, Beatriz, says that he "thinks" he liked it. But the feeling of the legs after biking hard for three laps? - It's a feeling you never knew was coming. It is part of building the memories.

Emi Nix and Jacob Campa of Team Paragon were also racing this weekend at Dam '09. I was standing at a turn on the run as Campa sprinted around. "This is painful!" He shouted through the surge. With a little pain comes great rewards. Campa won his Age Group! Emi also dipped into the "pain zone" and cruised by. She clocked in the fastest run of all women racing Saturday morning! Emi placed 2nd in her Age Group, and 5th Overall. Sprint tris are no walk in the park. Congratulations to all of our racers last weekend!


Saturday, August 18: Dam '09 Sprint Triathlon

Jacob Campa: 1st Age Group, 56:16

Emi Nix: 2nd Age Group, 57:21

Agustin Salvat: 12th Age Group, 1:06:14



Make sure to send your pictures from training and racing to: so we can showcase all the rad stuff you guys do.

San Antonio Triathlon Team - San Antonio Triathlon Coach

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