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1 Kona Qualifier, 6 First-Time IRONMAN Finishers, and 3 More PR Performances!

It was a stellar weekend for the Paragon Training crew at IRONMAN Arizona. We had 6 first-time IRONMAN finishers: Raul Correa, Dale Londos, Elvia Rodriguez, Alberto Rodriguez, Diana Ruderman, and Agustin Salvat! Kelly McConie, Ildar Mannapov, Justin Nix, and Jose Vaquedano were our returning IRONMAN competitors. Ildar, Justin, and Jose all set huge new personal records (PRs)! The time drops from previous PRs were 35, 75, and 82 minutes, respectively. That's an impressive show of hard work. Jose and Ildar even crashed--separately--on the bike course but still raced to new PRs. Congratulations to all competitors for such a long, successful day of racing!

A special extension of congratulations goes to Dale Londos. Dale qualified for the IRONMAN World Championships in 2020! Dale came off the bike leg in the top 15 in his age group. He then ran himself up to 3rd place! With the 3rd place finish, Dale earned himself a slot at Kona. Way to go, Dale!

Sunday, November 24: IRONMAN Arizona

Raul Correa - 11:57:24

Dale Londos - 3rd Age Group, 10:37:55

Ildar Mannapov - 12:13:16

Kelly McConie - 12:55:00

Justin Nix - 10:12:59

Elvia Rodriguez - 14:43:45

Alberto Rodriguez - 13:21:32

Diana Ruderman - 10th Age Group, 12:29:39

Agustin Salvat - 14:52:43

Jose Vaquedano -11:40:19


Make sure to send your pictures from training and racing to: so we can showcase all the rad stuff you guys do.

San Antonio Triathlon Club - San Antonio Triathlon Coach

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