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Get to Know Your Triathlon Coach: Coach Amy Higginbotham

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Get to Know: Coach Amy Higginbotham

Welcome to our "Get To Know" series featuring our coaches! We'll be getting to know all of our coaches -- discovering how they got into triathlon, what their training philosophy is like, and who they are as athletes and as people.

We kick off the "Coach arc" of the show with Amy Higginbotham. Amy is a former cheerleader and fitness instructor, turned triathlete and coach. Her background carries over into her overall coaching philosophy. Amy is an encourager and believes in bringing out the best in her athletes.

Amy's energy is incredibly generous, and we hope you'll be encouraged by her interview as much as we were!

Paragon Training provides resources for athletes specializing in swimming, cycling, running, and triathlon. Paragon Training is a service for everyone, whether you are learning to swim or training for a World Championship. We want to help you achieve your life and fitness goals and we have a community of coaches and athletes here to support you in YOUR pursuit of excellence.

The Suffer Faster Show is our podcast. We interview coaches and athletes who are all pursuing excellence in their niche in the subject of endurance training.

Do you need a triathlon coach?

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