April Athlete Spotlight - Meet Justin McKenzie

April 13, 2019

Meet Justin McKenzine. Normally, I'd say a few things about our athletes, but Justin does a mighty fine job himself. I hope you'll enjoy reading about him as much as I did. 



Old as dirt… 36


Father of 2 (4 and 6 months) sons and a loving husband.


How long have you been swimming/running/doing triathlons?

I started running in 2009 in Juarez, MX and the canals in El Paso as an outlet to a high stress work environment.  I ran my first half marathon at the Austin Half Marathon in February 2010.


In 2013, I was dating my future wife (Melissa) and she helped me to find a road bike.  We rode my first century ride as part of Team In Training in Salsbury, MD – the Seagull Century


In 2014, as part of our honeymoon, Melissa and I completed my first 70.3 Ironman event in Napa Valley (Vineman).


After this event, I took a pause until I joined Mannapov, LLC., and Ildar learned that I had a past interest in Ironman.   From that point forward, I have been working with Mark and have been a part of Team Paragon. Paragon has helped me learn a lot more about Triathlon, myself and suffering.


Ironman Coeur D’Alene – Mechanical after 52 miles on the bike

Ironman Boulder – Completed in 17 Hours and 32 seconds

Ironman Florida – 119 miles completed…


Next Ironman is Ironman Arizona in November 2019.


How long have you been training with Paragon?  

Since June of 2016.


Why do you like swimming/running/triathlons?  

I enjoy swimming as a great solution to cardio without the impact of the road.  Triathlons serve as a way to push myself outside of the comfort zone and a fantastic sense of accomplishment when completed.


What is your favorite post-workout or race meal?

I typically end up in the medical tent and enjoy like warm chicken broth.  It really is a powerful recovery solution.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

My own private jet pilot.


Tell us something no one knows about you:

I have visited 34 countries and counting!



#pursuitofexcellence #thingswedoinspandex


Make sure to send your pictures from training and racing to: racing@paragontraining.org so we can showcase all the rad stuff you guys do.

#pursuitofexcellence #thingswedoinspandex
San Antonio Triathlon Team - San Antonio Triathlon Coach

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