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You are training for L'Etape by Tour de France and want to make sure you are well prepared on race day to complete the 25 miles in a strong manner. This training plan combines a balance of interval workouts and long endurance rides to prepare you in the best possible manner to crush your goal on race day 🎯. We include general nutrition tips as well as a variety of other resources to make sure you are well equipped to ride 25 miles.


These plans are written with a mixture of mileage and time based workouts. Your weekend long rides are prescribed by distance. You know the distance of the event you are doing and we will train you to finish that distance! During the week, we know that time is limited so a lot of the weekly training rides are written with a time budget in mind.


All workouts are written based off Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) but we also include text instructions for heart rate and power based training. We never want technology to be a limiter from training hard and accomplishing your goals, but we also realize that many athletes enjoy investing in technology and using it to train better.


This plan will more than prepare you to accomplish your goals on race day. But completing a challenge like L'Etape by Tour de France takes more than just a good plan. You are never too slow to get faster and we believe in you to do the work and smash your goal on race day 😀👊✅!


Plan Overview

  • This is cycling-specific plan to be used in preparation for the L'Etape by Tour de France 25 mile event.
  • Primary emphasis is on aerobic conditioning, improving FTP, and building muscular endurance.
  • A few sprint workouts are included to work on peak power production and muscle activation
  • Regular mobility work, and basic core training are included to keep your back healthy and your hips nice and loose!


Required Equipment

  • Bicycle


Recommended but not Required

  • Foam roller and thera-band.
  • Access to Gym OR a basic at home set-up with kettlebells, dumbbells, & squat rack or trap bar.


Included Coach Support

  • Unlimited athlete-initiated email support.
  • Detailed workout instructions set to your specific training zones.

L'Etape by Tour de France 25 Mile Training Plan