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GROUP WOrkouts

Our run and swim classes are open to athletes of all ages. Receive the benefits of training with a group and working with a certified coach. Workouts are periodized throughout the year and adjusted to meet the needs of the athletes.

GROUP Run WOrkouts

Tuesdays | 5:00AM OR 6:30AM | Walker Ranch Historic Landmark Park


Group track practices are meant for all runners who want to get faster. It does not matter what distance you are training for—sprints, 5k, marathon, or IRONMAN—speed work each week is a necessary part of improving running efficiency and performance.


Coach Mark Saroni leads workouts each week. Runners will be grouped according to ability or given specific paces in accordance with their goals.

What you'll need

-Running shoes, shorts, shirt or tank

-Watch to check your splits

-Water or post-workout recovery drink

What to expect

Each run will start with 10 minutes of easy running. Then, we progress to running drills followed by plyometric drills with cones. Next, we divide into pace groups and run the main set, which is different each week. The workout concludes with 5-10 minutes of easy running.


Pricing is set up as a monthly program at $40/month.

Group Run
Group Swim

GROUP swim WOrkouts

Mondays and Wednesdays | 7:00 - 8:05pm | Barshop JCC


Group swim practices are tailored towards triathletes looking to improve technique and prepare for a triathlon. Training consists of drills, muscular endurance, speed sets, and specific open water skills.


A coach is on deck every practice. Swimmers are grouped into lanes with other swimmers of similar ability and practice circle swimming.

What you'll need

-JCC Membership*

-Swim jammers or speedo for men, one or two piece swim suit for women


-We recommend a swim cap for long hair

-Water or post-workout recovery drink


-Preferably swim paddles, fins, and a buoy

What to expect

Each swim workout will start with 5-10 minutes of easy swimming on your own. We usually start the workout with 5-10 more minutes of drills to refine swimming technique. Then we swim the main set, which is different each week and ranges from 1500-3000 meters according to ability. The workouts usually conclude with 100 meters of easy swimming.


Pricing is set up as a monthly program at $55/month for non-Team Paragon members, $40/month for Team Paragon members, and $25/month for coached athletes.

*All swimmers must be members of the Barshop JCC to participate in the swim practices. More information about the J is here. Athletes then have access to the fitness center and other programs at the J's facility.

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