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Triathlon Training Plan Triathlon Coach

training plans

Training on your own with purpose and structure

Triathlon Training Plan Triathlon Coach

What is a Training Plan by Paragon Training?

Paragon Training's Training Plans are interactive, digital plans built using the TrainingPeaks platform. The training plans are of various lengths and you can use them for just one sport--like cycling--or to train for triathlon. Workouts are loaded all at once into your TrainingPeaks account for the duration of the plan, 24 weeks for example. Once you pair your devices and complete a workout, that workout file matches with the plan and turns the workout green (or yellow, or red if you did not complete the workout by the end of the day). You can track and analyze heart rate, power, speed, work in specific zones, and many other metrics.

How do I choose the right Training Plan?

Paragon Training offers training plans at three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. We recommend the beginner plans for athletes who have done 0-2 events of the kind and distance they would like to train for. For instance, if you have done a few 70.3 events but never an IRONMAN 140.6 event, we recommend you select the beginner level plan. Advanced plans are for those athletes who have multiple years of experience in the events and want to aim to a high level of performance. Intermediate plans are for everyone in between!

What is the Ideal Training Progression? How do I use training plans throughout the year?

As depicted in the graph above, we recommend a cycle of training that begins with a Foundation Training Plan and phase that lasts about 20 weeks. Next, we recommend a season of racing lasting about 28 weeks, which uses a race and sport-specific training plan. After the final, big race of the season, it's time to cycle into a Skills & Recovery Training Plan for about 4 weeks. Progress in sport happens over the course of many years, and this cycle of training plans will keep you motivated, healthy, and ready to keep pushing to a higher level of fitness.

Benefits of a training plan:

  • Digital and accessible on-the-go

  • Interactive

  • Adaptive

  • Personal training log and journal

  • Track metrics

  • Analyze data

  • Set zones

  • Workouts turn green when accomplished

Learn more about training for an IRONMAN event and what goes into an IRONMAN® Training Plan

Triathlon Training Plan Triathlon Coach
Triathlon Training Plan Triathlon Coach

Unsure about purchasing a Training Plan from Paragon Training?

Paragon Training's


Free plans are static PDFs at the beginner level.

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