Age Group Swim Coach 


Job Description: Paragon Training is looking for a part-time age group swim coach to work with various development groups in their USA Swim club. 

Reports to: Head Coach 

Weekly Hours: 8-20 hour per week. More hours available for weekend swim meets and private swim lessons.

Qualifications: 18 years and older. Must have high school or college swim experience and be familiar with USA Swimming.

Compensation: $12-$18/hour

Desired Start Date: August 31, 2020

Application Process: Please send a short resume and your reasons for wanting to coach to-


General Expectations

  • Take initiative in evaluating the success of their training programs and the performance of their athletes.

  • Be a person of good character and a positive role model/mentor to the athletes.

  • Maintain a professional appearance in dress and speech at all times

  • Perform all tasks and responsibilities in a timely manner.

  • Create a safe environment, both physically and emotionally, for athletes to develop.

Coaching Excellence

  1. Set an example of excellence to the athletes every day.

  2. Develop a relationship with athletes and seek to mentor them as PEOPLE first and foremost.

  3. Develop a passion for sport in athletes and teach them a lifelong love of swimming.

Daily Coaching

  1. Prepare daily workouts for group(s) assigned to.

  2. Oversee the development of athletes in the group. Use teaching techniques in accordance with age and ability level.

  3. Teach and instruct athletes in proper stroke, turn, and start mechanics.

  4. Prepare athletes for competition in USA Swim meets, as they become available.

  5. Maintain control of the group being coached and ensure that all workouts and activities are performed in a safe manner.

  6. Practice times approximately 10:00 AM - 3:30 PM Monday-Thursday. Some flexibility as coach may not be needed the entire time.


  1. Share in the responsibility with other team members of coaching at various swim meets throughout the year.

  2. Evaluate the performance of athletes after competition and adjust training accordingly.



  1. Various Projects

    • Be willing and able to assist with other projects as needed.

Positions Available