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Triathlon Trianing Plan Triathlon Coaching

Private Coaching

Endurance coaching for driven athletes

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Private Coaching

Achieve your best with the guidance of a Paragon Training Triathlon Coach, Swimming Coach, Cycling Coach, and/or Running Coach 

Person first, athlete second. Our coaching philosophy starts by understanding the needs of each individual athlete and who they are as a human. From there, we work together to develop a custom, individualized training program to help them progress in sport. We take a long-term approach to progress, believing that success in sports comes from consistency over many weeks, months, years, and even a lifetime of training.
There are no shortcuts in endurance sports.
Whether it be qualifying for the IRONMAN® or 70.3® World Championships, learning to swim for the first time, or running a marathon PR, our coaches will meet you where you are at and build a training program that pushes you to achieve your goals.

Train hard.
Recovery well.
Suffer Faster.

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Why should an athlete hire a Paragon Training coach?


Your coach will help you plan for your race, your season, your year, and beyond. The benefits increase as your coach gets to know you better and how your body responds to certain training regimens, so that's why our private coaching means building a relationship between coach and athlete. We don't charge you per email, per text message, or phone call. In fact, we prefer that you reach out to ask us questions, and we'll stay up to date on how you're feeling and the comments you have about your workouts.

Benefits of One-on-One Coaching with Paragon Training:

  • Season Planning

  • Premium Training Peaks account

  • Master plan with adjustments

  • Workouts are loaded each 1-2 weeks to allow for your changing schedule

  • Access to Team Paragon and private Facebook group

  • Email, phone, text contact

  • Best Bike Split race planning

  • Discounted or free performance testing

  • Discounted or free Wk04 Analysis

  • Discounted or free video analysis

  • Free group run practice

Coaching Add-Ons:

  • Group swim practice

  • Private run, swim, or cycling lessons


  • Varies by single sport or multisport and by coach

  • $200 - $600 per month

If you are still not sure if coaching is right for you, as opposed to a training plan or group workouts, for instance, read this article by Coach Mark Saroni: "Do You Need a Training Plan, a Coach, or Neither?"

Triathlon Trianing Plan Triathlon Coaching

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