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What is the Paragon Pro Project Powered by Ancira Automotive?

The mission of the Paragon Pro Project, powered by Ancira, is to develop elite athletes into champions. Our objective is to provide elite athletes the coaching, resources, and training environment to achieve success in sport at the highest level.

The 2024 Paragon Pro Project is a 12-week summer Daily Training Environment (DTE) program in San Antonio, TX. Athletes accepted into this program will get the opportunity to spend a summer training with other elite athletes under the guidance of USA Triathlon Level II coach, Mark Saroni:

I first came to San Antonio for a 1 week training camp in the summer of 2007. The next year, I came back for 2 weeks, then a month, then the whole summer, and I finally moved here after I graduated college to pursue my dream of being a professional triathlete. I've grown to love this city and the training mecca I believe it is for elite athletes. My goal with the Paragon Pro Project powered by Ancira is to give you the opportunity to bet on yourself. Triathlon is hard and competing as a pro is really hard. But it's 100% worth it and I wouldn't change the experiences I've had for anything. Let's do this 👊.


June 3 - August 25, 2024

San Antonio, Texas

Are you a professional triathlete?
Are you looking to earn an elite license in the next 12 months?

Athlete Eligibility:

​I am accepting athletes with a draft-legal or a non-draft focus who already have an elite license or hope to earn one in the next 12 months.


Athlete Commitment:

  • Commit to prioritizing life around training environment. I don't mean to say you can’t work or hold a job, but I do need you to prioritize your athletic development first and foremost.

  • Attend group sessions

  • Be a good teammate and person of good character

It's that simple!

Benefits to Professional Triathletes in the Paragon Pro Project

Athletes accepted into this program receive:

  • 8-10 group practices per week

  • Coach attendance at designated race(s)

  • Free accommodation at summer altitude training camp

  • Professional bike fitter and aerodynamic testing

  • Free performance testing & video analysis

  • Access to sports massage therapist

  • Access to bike services

  • Individualized coaching with Coach Mark on TrainingPeaks

  • Ability to purchase nutrition and training products at wholesale

  • Stipend for purchasing nutrition and recovery tools

Deadline to Apply

for 2024 DTE Program:
March 31, 2024

Cost: $950



Do I need to live in San Antonio?

I am looking for athletes who are willing to temporarily relocate to place themselves in an Elite DTE, surrounded by like-minded individuals and supported by high performance coaching. I believe this is the best opportunity for growth.


I do offer opportunities for remote athletes, however, so I encourage you to contact me even if you aren't willing to relocate.

What is the training like in San Antonio?

Phenomenal. We have over 100 miles of protected, paved paths that we use regularly for running and cycling. We also have over 50 miles of single track dirt trails inside the city limits. The Texas Hill Country just outside the city is also a fantastic place to ride bikes. Our swim training will primarily be at a 25-Meter outdoor pool but there are many other pools in the city that we will utilize at various times as needed. Access to open water is a 25-minute drive away, and we will do multiple group sessions to practice open water skills. The summers do get quite warm (shout out plasma volume), which is why we will relocate to an altitude base for a portion of the summer months.

Do I need to have an elite license?

You must have an elite license already or have the goal of qualifying for one in the next 12 months.

Do I have to race draft legal?

Middle-distance and long-course athletes racing non-draft are welcome to join. The primary focus of this group will be for draft legal athletes racing at the Continental and World Cup Level. However, I believe that training in a group environment is beneficial for all athletes. I treat each athlete as an individual and will adjust the training to fit your needs regardless of race and discipline.

What if I already have a triathlon coach?

My desire is to support elite athletes and create an environment that allows them to be successful. You don't need to leave your current coach to be part of this program. I will gladly work with your current triathlon coach and keep an open chain of communication.

Will we attend any races as a group?

Once the roster of athletes is set, I will talk to everyone and find out what races they have planned for the year. My goal will be to attend at least two races in the summer that a majority of the athletes are competing at to support them. The athlete will not incur any additional cost for this.

Where will I live?

We have a few housing options available for athletes and will help you find a place if you need it.

What fees will I be responsible for?


You will be responsible for your gym membership, any additional lane rental, equipment, food, and travel. My desire is not to make this program cost prohibitive. However, I also believe you need to be willing to bet on yourself and commit time, energy, and resources if you want to become great. If cost is an issue for you, please contact me and I'm happy to discuss additional options.

Do I have to stay in San Antonio for the full 12 weeks?


Not necessarily. The benefit of training in a group environment is when you are with the group but I understand there are extenuating circumstances. Contact me if you have a prior obligation and need to join the Pro Project later or leave earlier.

Do I have to be a U.S. Citizen?

No. International athletes are welcome!

Triathlon Coach Mark Saroni

Paragon Pro Project

Head Triathlon Coach:
Mark Saroni

Application Process

  • Fill out application below by 11:59 CST on March 31, 2024.

  • Schedule a call with Mark before March 31 for a Meet & Greet.

  • 8-12 Athletes will be selected and notified by April 14, 2024.

Apply to the paragon training pro project

Biological Sex
Are you willing to relocate to San Antonio, TX for 8-12 Weeks?
Are you currently working with a coach?
Do you currently hold an Elite License?
In the next year, in which kinds of races do you plan to compete?
Do you need a homestay for the summer?
Upload File

Professional Triathletes on Paragon Training will be required to sign an Anti-Doping Agreement, Photographic Release, and Release of Liability once accepted.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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