The Duathlon Foundation plan focuses on building specific running and cycling strength and aerobic conditioning during the foundation phase of an athlete's training season. Whether you race duathlon exclusively, are a runner that enjoys cross-training with the bike, or a triathlete who doesn't have access to a pool, this plan provides a balanced and safe progression in volume and intensity to help you get fit and Suffer Faster than you ever have before!


Plan Overview

  • For beginner to intermediate duathlete OR athletes that enjoy cross training and want to build a solid base of strength & fitness during the offseason OR before purchasing a race-specific training plan
  • Similar workouts and progression as our Triathlon Foundation plan but with extra cycling and running in place of swim workouts. 
  • Emphasis on skill development and running mechanics, strength training, mobility, & force generation.
  • Part 1: Building overall training durability with low intensity training across all disciplines.
  • Part 2: Begin incorporating running skill work & cycling force development.
  • Part 3: Add a 2nd day of cycling intervals, progress strength training resistance & load, continue building volume.
  • Part 4: Add a 2nd day of run intervals while continuing to build overall volume.
  • Part 5: Regular tempo runs, weekly hill repeats, longest run & ride of the plan!


Required Equipment

  • GPS smart watch
  • Access to basic strength & mobility equipment (stretch cords, free weights)


Included Coach Support

  • Unlimited athlete-initiated email support
  • Detailed workout instructions
  • Mental coaching & education
  • Strength & mobility
  • Nutritional guidelines


Duathlon Foundation

    • 5 → 8 hours of training per week
    • 3 Run sessions per week
    • 2 bike sessions per week
    • 2 Mobility & core sessions per week
    • 1 Strength training sessions per week
    • 1 "Off Day" per week w/ additional every 4th week
    • Longest run 🏃‍♀️ = 1:20 Hours
    • Longest ride 🚴‍♂️ = 3 Hours
    • 8 → 13 hours of training per week
    • 4 Running sessions per week
    • 4 Cycling sessions per week
    • 2 Strength training sessions per week
    • 2 Mobility & core sessions per week
    • 1 "Off Day" per week 
    • Longest run 🏃‍♀️ = 1:30 hours
    • Longest ride 🚴‍♂️ = 4 hours
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