This learn to swim Program is for the BRAND NEW swimmer who has no experience in the water. We will take you from learning to blow bubbles to swimming across the pool unassisted through our series of drills. These are the same drills and same programs that we've seen work for countless athletes who have begun their swimming journey from humble beginnings. If you don't know where to start and want to learn how to swim for triathlon in a safe and relaxed manner, then this plan is for you.



"I have always been intimidated by the water and never learned to swim properly as a child. This plan helped me calm my fears and progressed at a gradual rate that I was comfortable with so that I never felt overwhelmed"

-Beginner Triathlete 


Wondering if this plan is right for you?

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  • 2 Swim workouts per week
  • Starts with learning to blow bubbles and breathe relaxed
  • Plan can be re-used year after year


Required Equipment

  • Pool 
  • Watch
  • Goggles & cap if necessary
  • Fins



  • Unlimited athlete-initiated email support
  • Youtube video tutorials
  • Detailed workout instructions


Learn to Swim

    • 2 Swim workouts per week
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