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The Nix Hydration Biosensor is a consumer ​biometric device that provides a
personal hydration strategy by analyzing sweat and telling you when what, and
how much to drink in real time. Nix reads biomarkers through a small patch that
sticks onto your skin, without needles, to determine fluid losses, electrolyte losses,
and sweat composition.


Essential Analytics

The Nix app analyzes your personal sweat profile to provide actionable data during your workout and helps you prepare for your next one.


Real-time data:

  • Start workout from your phone, watch, or bike computer
  • Stream real-time fluid and electrolyte loss data
  • Receive personalized hydration notifications


Historical data:

  • Identify your personal sweat rate, electrolyte loss rate, and sweat composition data range
  • Understand correlation to environmental conditions using the Nix Index™


Predictive data:

  • Calculate the Nix Index™ for a given workout in the future based on the weather forecast
  • Recommend fluid and electrolyte needs for that workout based on historical data in those conditions
  • Select a hydration product matched to your sweat composition – or mix a custom formulation from your favorite hydration product


Nix Hydration Biosensor