The Running Foundation Plan is meant to build a strong running base after a break from offseason or a recent race. The plan progresses slowly and steadily each week with lots of Zone 1 and Zone 2 running. Running form is addresses through the use of drills and speed development phases built into the plan. An emphasis is placed on strength training and mobility work for injury prevention. 


Build your running mileage in a methodical and safe manner with this running training plan that will prepare you for your next season of racing.


Plan Overview

  • For beginner to intermediate runners who want to build a solid base of strength & fitness during the offseason OR before purchasing a race-specific training plan
  • The athlete should be able to handle 3-7 hours of training per week depending on plan level.
  • Emphasis on skill development and running mechanics, strength training, mobility, & force generation.
  • Part 1: Skill Development and drills while working run frequency and durability.
  • Part 2: Speed development and aerobic base building.
  • Part 3: Additional strength training day, hills, and long speed development.
  • Part 4: Begin tempo intervals while continuing to strength train and increase long run.
  • Part 5: Extend tempo runs, weekly hill repeats, longest run of the plan!


Required Equipment

  • GPS smart watch
  • Access to basic strength & mobility equipment (stretch cords, free weights)


Included Coach Support

  • Unlimited athlete-initiated email support
  • Detailed workout instructions
  • Mental coaching & education
  • Strength & mobility
  • Nutritional guidelines


Running Foundation

    • 2.5 → 5.5 hours of training per week
    • 3 Running days per week
    • 1-2 Crosstrain or optional days per week
    • 1-2 Strength training days per week
    • 1 "Off Day" per week w/ additional every 4th week
    • Longest run = 1:30
    • 4 → 7 hours of training per week
    • 4-5 Running days per week
    • 1 Crosstrain or optional days per week
    • 1-2 Strength training days per week
    • 1 "Off Day" per week w/ additional every 4th week
    • Longest run = 1:45
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