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Workout Wednesday | Swim

There's no such thing in endurance training as a secret or "special" workout that can give you a leg up on your competition. Success rides on the coattails of consistent, hard work over a long period of time. However, there are some workouts that are better than others, provided that they are utilized in conjunction with a properly designed training plan. If you find this workout useful, please let us know by posting on social media with the hashtag:


Sport: Swimming

Purpose: Over/under threshold training. This workout is designed to work directly below the anaerobic threshold, then briefly cross ABOVE threshold during the 25's.

Distance: 3000 yards

Warm Up

300 easy swim/200 streamline kick on your back


4x50 on :20 rest - kicking on side with bottom arm extended. Head is looking down in the water. Keep the back of your arm touching your head as you rotate to breathe.

4x25 on :20 rest - Straight arm freestyle working on rotating the torso, finishing the stroke, and driving from the hips.

4x50 on :20 rest - Strong tempo

Main Set

6x100 on :20 rest

6x25 on :15 rest

1 minute break

4x100 on :15 rest

4x25 on :10 rest

2min break

2x100 on :10 rest

2x25 on :05 rest

Cool Down

8-12x50 on :15 rest - pulling with paddles and focusing on finishing your stroke

Notes: Your paces should descend throughout the set so that your times on the 100's and 25's are getting faster as do less of them.


These workouts are examples of actual sets we do with our training programs under the watchful supervision of a coach. Please check with your doctor to verify that you are physically fit before you attempting any sort of exercise program of your own.

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