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Rasco Scores a PR while qualifying for New York and Boston

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Chevron Houston Marathon

It was a cold Sunday morning in Houston, Texas, and for some that may be a deterrent to racing, but for others like Sarah Rasco, it couldn't be better - perfect temps for a marathon personal record (PR)! Rasco has been consistently training in the dark and quiet hours of 5:15 am with Coach Mark and Emi Nix for their brutal, weekly track sessions. Rasco's dedication to running, and her performance in Houston, has earned her qualifying times to compete at the New York City and Boston marathons!

In order to qualify for the Boston and New York City marathons, Rasco had to run faster than 03:40:00 and 03:26:00 respectively. Rasco crossed the line of the Chevron Houston Marathon with a time of 03:25:29! She has qualified for Boston on multiple occasions, but this is the first time qualifying for NYC.

3M Half Marathon

Emi Nix, April Smith, and Carlos and Nicolas Torres competed in Austin, Texas this past Sunday. Emi had a PR performance, finishing with a time of 01:31:48, which has also qualified her for the New York City Marathon! April also scored herself a Half Marathon PR! The Torres' shared their 6th half marathon together along the streets of the capitol, both having great races and finishes as well.

Cocoa Women's Half Marathon

Alli Koch and Sanaa Cody also raced a half marathon in Boerne, Texas. Alli won the race and Sanaa was close behind finishing in 3rd place. Mark Saroni also ran, but men were not scored.

Paragon Training USA Swim Club

Aside from our runners, we also had many athletes competing in the water this weekend. The swim club raced at the South Texas Short Course "B" Champs at the San Antonio Natatorium downtown. Many swimmers earned PR times, some earned "BB" times and qualified for Junior STAGS, and Jonathan Dalley qualified for STAGS with an "A" time!


January 20: Chevron Houston Marathon

Sarah Rasco: 03:25:29

January 20: 3M Half Marathon

Emi Nix: 01:31:48

Carlos Torres: 01:33:17

Nicolas Torres: 01:38:23

April Smith: 2:06:24

January 20: Cocoa Half Marathon Alli Koch: 140:28

Sanaa Cody: 1:43:35

Mark Saroni: 140:27


Send your pictures from training and racing to: so we can showcase all the rad stuff you guys do.

San Antonio Triathlon Team - San Antonio Triathlon Coach

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