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From Your Triathlon Coach: Ownership Is Everything

Your triathlon coach supports you but cannot do the work for you.

We're now a few weeks into the New Year, which is always a time of reflection. I've been reading and thinking a lot about the endurance training process, my own athletic journey, the relationship of coach and athlete, and the different roles and responsibilities of each. My own athletic journey has tied into and influenced my coaching philosophy and that of our entire team at Paragon Training. I've made the choice and had the opportunity to work with a few triathlon coaches throughout my last 20 years in triathlon. I've learned things from all of them, but something I keep coming back to is the simple principle that Ownership is Everything.

As a triathlon coach, swimming coach, cycling coach, or running coach—we can't want something for an athlete more than they want it for themselves. We can prescribe training, we can give feedback, give advice, make adjustments, and be available 7 days a week. But we can't do the actual session.

As a triathlon coach, swimming coach, cycling coach, or running coach—we can't want something for an athlete more than they want it for themselves.

That's why I have such tremendous respect and pride for all of our athletes on Team Paragon. Just by making the choice to work with a coach, many athletes are taking incredible ownership of their own athletic journey. They are declaring that their health and performance is a high enough priority for them to employ us as a resource, guide, and mentor. As triathlon, swimming, cycling, and running coaches, we don't take that role lightly and we are incredibly proud and grateful to work with each and every athlete.

I tell friends and family quite often how I am privileged to see first hand what can happen when adults with regular jobs make fitness a priority in their lives. It's absolutely incredible to see.

Triathlon Coach and Running Coach

Looking forward to 2024, know that the entire coaching staff here at Paragon Training is in your corner to help you in whatever goals and dreams you have. It could be running your first 5k, finding a consistent training rhythm of 3-4 hours a week, running a marathon PR, or qualifying for a World Championship. Any and all of those are valid and inspiring goals that we are excited to help you with!

But we can't do it for you.

The athlete HAS to be driving the boat.

The bigger the goal or dream, the more ownership and hard work that will be required on your part.

If you sign up for an IRONMAN®, guess what? You don't get to complain about doing 6-hour bike rides on the weekend :-D. Own it!

Do you want to run a fast 5k/10k/half marathon/marathon? Guess what? Some hard training is going to be part of that goal.

Do you want to make some healthier choices in your fueling habits or find a regular exercise routine again? That will also take ownership on your part.

Triathlon Coach and Cycling Coach

The point is that it doesn't matter WHAT your goal is. We as coaches are here to support and guide you to the best of our ability. We don't expect an athlete training for their first sprint triathlon to do a 6-hour bike ride. And we'll celebrate a first triathlon finish as equally as running a marathon or finishing an IRONMAN®. Each goal is personal and each athlete is an individual. We're on your side whatever your goal is.

Here's to owning it in 2024 and we're here to cheer you on the whole way!

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