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Variety is the Spice of Endurance Life

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Paragon Training athletes had a lot going on this past weekend. From donut dashes, to half marathons, to track meets, cycling races, and trail runs, our athletes are involved in an array of events. We love to see the variety that endurance sports brings to life!

Racing the Krispy Kreme Alamo 6.2 Donut Dash were Diana Ruderman and Raul Correa. Next up, Sanaa Cody, Elvia Rodriguez and Jose Vaquedano raced the Alamo 13.1. Jose won his age group!

Sprinting around the track in Dallas was Kathleen O'Shea. Kathleen raced the 100M Dash and the 200M Dash, and she won both events!

At the Texas Senior Games, Anna Kurz and Robin Golden were competing in the cycling events. Anna raced the 20K Road Race, the 40K Road Race, and the 10K Time Trial. She was first in her age group for all three races! Robin also had a successful weekend racing the 20K Road Race and the 10K Time Trial. She was third in her age group for the 20K Road Race, and first in the 10K Time Trial! Robin also had the fastest female time in the Time Trial! And all of those races were in one day...

Emily White raced off-road this weekend at the Prickly Pear Trail Run. Emily ran the 15K at McAllister Park. She placed 2nd in her age group!

Anna Kurz and Robin Golden win events at the Texas Senior Games
Cycling Stars at Senior Games

Saturday, March 7: Krispy Kreme Alamo 6.2 Donut Dash

Raul Correa

Diana Ruderman

Saturday, March 7: Prickly Pear Trail Run

Emily White - 2nd Age Group, 15K

Saturday, March 7: Dallas Track Meet

Kathleen O'Shea - 1st 100M, 1st 200M

Sunday, March 8: Alamo 13.1

Sanaa Cody

Jose Vaquedano

Elvia Rodriguez

Sunday, March 8: Texas Senior Games

Robin Golden - 3rd Age Group 20K RR; 1st Overall Female 10K TT

Anna Kurz - 1st Age Group 20K RR, 40K RR, and 10K TT


Make sure to send your pictures from training and racing to: so we can showcase all the rad stuff you guys do.

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