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Sweat + Lactate Testing - Run

Bundled Run Session Testing: Sweat Rate, Electrolyte Loss, Lactate Thresholds, & Pace Zones



90 Minutes, Treadmill Protocol, Coach-Interpreted Results & Training Prescription

Lactate Test

A lactate test, also known as a lactic acid blood test, measures the amount of lactate in a blood sample to indicate if a person has lactic acidosis. Lactate is a byproduct of glycolysis, the process of breaking down sugar molecules for energy. It's produced in red blood cells and muscle cells when the body breaks down carbohydrates for energy, which can happen when oxygen levels are low.

Lactate tests are often used by athletes to measure how lactate builds up in their blood as they exercise more intensely. The test involves collecting blood samples from the finger or earlobe using a lancet and a lactate analyzer.

The Sweat Test

We use the Nix Biosensor, which quantifies fluid and electrolyte loss in real time. It is a disposable patch, which we will place on your arm, and the sensor connects to an App so our coaches can interpret your data in real time. No more trial and error to identify your optimal hydration strategy!

We will perform the tests during a run session on the treadmill at our Paragon Training Performance Center.

What you get
1) Detailed PDF with test data and post-test analysis from a Paragon Training coach
2) Explanation of lactate and training zones during test
3) Custom training zones set to RPE, lactate, HR, and pace/power
4) Discount code for follow-up tests in 3-6 months

What to bring
1) Arrive to test in a hydrated and fueled state
2) Regular training shoes (not carbon shoes)
3) HR monitor and recording device
4) Water or sports drink

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