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From 5k to Bike Racing to Ironman

A five-strong team of Paragon athletes laced up their shoes and dashed off for a competitive run around Gruene, TX this past Saturday. The Gruene 5k/10k is a fast and scenic road race, and for the 10k runners, it challenged athletes with one huge hill in the last .2 miles of the race. The team had a lot to celebrate after the race. Diana Ruderman won the 5k overall! Kathleen O'Shea won her age group in the 5k and set a new PR! Raul Correa placed 2nd in his age group for the 5k. For the 10k, Emi Nix and Alli Koch also each placed 2nd in their age groups, and Emi set a new PR!

Over in Chappell Hill, TX Anna Kurz also stepped up to the podium on Sunday. The Chappell Hill Bank Classic Road Race is takes cyclists on a loop course from 38 to 86 miles, depending on the category. Kurz raced the one-loop course--still a long and hilly day!--and she won 2nd place in the Women's 40+ race.

Coach Mark Saroni and athlete Ildar Mannapov had a long, grueling day on Sunday. They both competed in Ironman Wisconsin! It was a beautiful course with rolling hills and great spectators. Mark placed 6th in his age group, and Ildar finished again with a smile. Both athletes are now three-time Ironmen. We will hear more from Mark and Ildar later this week after they recover.


Saturday, September 8: Gruene 5k/10k

Diana Ruderman: 5k Overall Champion, 22:49

Kathleen O'Shea: 5k 1st Age Group, 29:31

Raul Correa: 5k 2nd Age Group, 21:58

Emi Nix: 10k 2nd Age Group, 44:06

Alli Koch: 10k 2nd Age Group, 47:40

Sunday, September 9: Chappell Hill Bank Classic Road Race

Anna Kurz: 2nd, Women's Cat 3/4/5 40+

Sunday, September 10: Ironman Wisconsin

Ildar Mannapov: 13:55

Mark Saroni: 6th Age Group, 10:08



Make sure to send your pictures from training and racing to: so we can showcase all the rad stuff you guys do.

San Antonio Triathlon Team - San Antonio Triathlon Coach

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