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Team Paragon Runs Strong at Diploma Dash

UTSA Diploma Dash

On Saturday UTSA hosted their annual Diploma Dash 5k where proceeds from the race help to create scholarships for their students. They have individual and team races as well as the option to run with your dog!

Team Paragon was out in force with 17 members racing in the cool breeze. The men's team of 5 runners earned second place with a combined time of 1:36:46 -- only 4 minutes behind the winning team (each runner's time is summed together to create the combined time used for scoring: lowest time wins). Members composed of Mark Saroni, Justin Nix, Iram Lee, JD Chacon, and Carlos Torres.

Our women's team performed equally well earning a 5th spot overall (2nd overall for female teams) with a finishing time of 1:53:27 -- only 92 seconds behind the leading women's team! Our women's team consisted of Emi Nix , Sarah Rasco, Sanaa Cody, Diana Ruderman, and Elvia Rodriguez.

With so many athletes running, we had enough for a third team! This team was ran by Jacob Campa, Alfonso Campa, Kristopher Ryan, Albert Rodriguez, and Jose Vaquedano. individual athletes were Nancy Hannon and Christian Larsen. Performances were just as strong as the numbers, and we are proud to call them our athletes!

Great job everyone! We look forward to the next race!


Qualifying for the South Texas Age Group Swimming (STAGS) meet is extremely difficult, and Jonathan Dalley continues to improve in swim times as he dropped his 50 yard backstroke to a 31.53.

Comal River Swim

Shortly after the Diploma Dash, we hosted an open water swim out at the Comal. The spring-fed river has fantastic temperatures year-round, and many athletes made our Roka sponsor proud by breaking in their new Roka wetsuits. You can never have enough open water swim practice, and this is a great area for beginners to get accustomed to the lack of lane lines and ropes.

Cowtown Half Marathon

Jerett Gordon competed in the Cowtown Half Marathon in Fort Worth on Sunday and earned himself a gnarly PR of 01:22:53!

Junior Cycling Skills

Continuing the weekend with great weather, junior cyclists showed up to our cycling skills clinic on Sunday with enthusiasm to partake in the joys of sunshine, cycling, and fun. The next event is on Sunday, March 10th. Click here for more info.


UTSA Diploma Dash 5k

Mark Saroni: 16:54.3, 1st overall

Iram Lee: 19:34.7, 2nd age group

Albert Rodriguez: 21:57.5, 8th age group

Elvia Rodriguez: 24:47.4, 6th age group

Justin Nix: 19:21.0, 4th age group

Emi Nix: 20:35.5, 3rd overall

Nancy Hannon: 31:39.2, 1st age group

Sanaa Cody: 22:59.2, 2nd age group

Carlos Torres: 20:41.4, 2nd age group

Jose Vaquedano: 24:41.1, 8th age group

JD Chacon: 20:31.4, 10th age group

Christian Larsen: 27:05.7, 20th age group

Alfonso Campa: 21:52.5, 10th age group

Kristopher Ryan: 20:14.9, 6th age group

Jacob Campa: 20:53.3, 1st age group

Diana Ruderman: 23:04.5, 1st age group

Sara Rasco: 22:16.7, 1st in Masters


Jonathan Dalley: 31.53

Cowtown Half Marathon

Jerett Gordon: 01:22:53, 6th age group


Make sure to send your pictures from training and racing to: so we can showcase all the rad stuff you guys do.

San Antonio Triathlon Team - San Antonio Triathlon Coach

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