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Hotter than Heck to Mid-Winter Temps

From Texas to Minnesota, Paragon was represented well by a couple of our athletes. Andrew Joy was pouring in sweat as he tackled 5 crits this past weekend while Sanaa Cody took off to the North for a cooler experience. Duluth had a high temp of 58 F according to AccuWeather's website - perfect for a marathon.

Grandma's Marathon

Embracing some Texas winter temperatures, Sanaa Cody had an outstanding performance in Duluth, Minnesota. This was a pretty large race with 6,365 runners finishing! It runs along the northern shore of Lake Superior and is a straight shot from Two Harbors into Duluth. Sanaa finished in 3:45:28 to obtain a huge PR!

A Handful of Crits

Andrew Joy either loves to cycle (like most of us) or loves to suffer (like Coach Mark). He rolled through the weekend with 5 crits and nailed a 10th place finish in cat 4/5; just one of his two races at SA Rad. He also competed in the Austin Driveway Series in the cat 4/5 as well as the cat 3/4 (the lower the number, the faster the racers). Lastly, he finished up with a crit at University Oaks in the 4/5 category.



Grandma's Marathon

Sanaa Cody: 3:45:28, 88/387 AG

SA Rad, Cat 4/5, 35 minute race

Andrew Joy: 10th out of 29


Make sure to send your pictures from training and racing to: so we can showcase all the rad stuff you guys do.

San Antonio Triathlon Team - San Antonio Triathlon Coach

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