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Two Paragon Athletes Run the New York City Marathon

April Smith and Christian Aguilar ran the streets of New York City this past Sunday. Over 54,000 participants were in the race. From start to finish, temperatures stayed around 50 degrees with only a slight breeze and 50% humidity—nearly perfect running weather you might say.

April, who had a new personal record (PR) marathon time, says that running in San Antonio prepared her well for the hilly course. She felt great, even during inclines that other runners classified as 'steep'. One challenge was the sheer number of runners. Navigating around other participants, or just getting out of the finishing corral after crossing the line, was all part of the experience.

But the best part? "The crowds are amazing throughout the marathon. The kids out to give you a high-five on the way really make it special," April says.

Sunday, November 3: New York City Marathon

Christian Aguilar

April Smith


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San Antonio Triathlon Club - San Antonio Triathlon Coach

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