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October Athlete Spotlight - Meet Travis Decker

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Meet this month's athlete spotlight -- Travis Decker! Travis is a long time endurance athlete who has been running triathlons and racing since he was 14! While he's raced all over the world, these days some of his favorite races are at home with his friends and family. Read on and enjoy getting to know this very seasoned, very humorous athlete. #NoThorns

Age: 33 1/3

Occupation: Decker Family Construction LLC (I'll fix what you got or build what you need) -- Home repairs, drywall, paint, remodeling, roofing, decks and more!

How long have you been swimming, cycling, running, and/or doing triathlons?

I started all three sports at once when I was 14 years old living in Hawaii. That same year I also signed up and finished the 2004 Honolulu Marathon (I walked most of it). To be honest I didn't know how long a marathon was until the day before the event, my mom had to look it up!

What aspects of triathlon do you enjoy most?

The equal playing field it provides. Not everyone can be on the football field to catch a ball from Tom Brady, but anybody has the opportunity to tread water and race against their heroes in the world of endurance sports. In 2004 I got to shake hands and take a picture with the winner of my first marathon. He ran 2 hours and 11 minutes -- I, umm..,. ran 5 hours and 18 minutes, but I felt a sense of accomplishment knowing I experienced the same thing he did. So cool!

What has been your favorite training or racing event, and why?

I guess I've been blessed to race all over the world these past 20 years. Sometimes the best races are the local ones because I get to have FUN and race with my friends. Lately my young girls have wanted to start running. Last month my oldest child Raelynn (5 years old) won her kids race, and I won the 5k race after. That was probably one of my favorite moments because she said she was just like her Daddy.

What is your favorite post-workout or race meal?

Pre race - 16oz gluten free spaghetti with a whole jar of meat sauce.

Morning of race -- I pretty much just drink tons of OJ

After a race I mainly go back to eating donuts until my next race. Then I repeat the cycle above.

What is one recent accomplishment you are proud of?:

Walking in the last two miles of the Sky Island 50k race in September. I was in the overall lead with two miles to go before I got really sick under a tree for an hour. After I could stand again, I walked the last two miles while still throwing up. I don't really know what my final time was or place, but I finished. I fail more times than I succeed at endurance sports but that is what drives me to keep trying to make myself better in all aspects of life.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I'm living it right now. This is the dream. I love my wife, we have three awesome kids who are six, three, and one. We just bought a house that I'm building a running trail on and my small business is growing!

What is something no one knows about you?

A cig gets smoked after my ultra marathons lol.

Finally, what's next on your race plans?

Oct 28 - SARR Rocky Horror 55km

Nov 18 - Shiner Half Marathon

Dec 3 - SA R&R Marathon

Jan 2024 - Bandera 100km March 2024 - SARR Prickly Pear 50km (RRCA 50km national championship)

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