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Weekend Recap | July 22-23

Molly Breuer has been swimming, cycling, and running for most of her life. She had done a few kids triathlons before but never one with an open water swim. She got her chance on Sunday and ran her way up to 2nd in the female 19 & under category at the Don't Tread on Me Triathlon. She was joined on the podium with some of her Paragon Training teammates she didn't even know would be there! Great job to all our athletes on their performances this weekend.


Saturday July 22 - Hill Country Kids Triathlon

Mikaela Garza - 2nd Female 11-12

Sunday July 23 - Don't Tread on Me Triathlon

Carlos Torres- 1st overall Male Masters

Diana Ruderman- 1st overall Female Masters

Raul Correa- 2nd Male 45-49

Molly Breuer- 2nd Female 19 & Under


Make sure and send your pictures from training and racing to- so we can showcase all the rad stuff you guys do.

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