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Workout Wednesday | Bike Intervals

There's no such thing in endurance training as a secret or "special" workout that can give you a leg up on your competition. Success rides on the coattails of consistent, hard work over a long period of time. However, there are some workouts that are better than others, provided that they are utilized in conjunction with a properly designed training plan. If you find this workout useful, please let us know by posting on social media with the hashtag #thingswedoinspandex


Sport: Cycling

Purpose: Raise your FTP Power (click here for an explanation of what FTP is).

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Warm Up

10-20 minutes of easy spinning.

3 x 1:00 at FTP with 1:00-2:00 of recovery between each.

Main Set

4 x 5:00-10:00 intervals at FTP power or slightly above. Cadence should be at 90-95. Don't go out too hard and stay consistent through the set. VI should be at 1.03 or lower.

Cool Down

10-20 minutes of easy spinning at 90+ rpm.

Notes: Workouts like these are very simple and yet very difficult. Athletes who aren't used to maintaining an even power output often find these sessions challenging because it asks them to hold a high intensity for longer than is comfortable. It takes great mental fortitude to stay focused throughout the session and make sure you keep the pressure on the pedals when the legs start burning. It's simple session because it works and increasing your FTP will crossover to pretty much every distance and style of racing you do.


These workouts are examples of actual sets we do with our training programs under the watchful supervision of a coach. Please check with your doctor to verify that you are physically fit before you attempting any sort of exercise program of your own.

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