'Round the race track, and back again for Long Run Sunday

Race tracks aren't just for cars and motorcycles. At the Circuit of the Americas track in Austin, it's a fun and fast place to race a bicycle too! Paragon athletes Andrew Joy, Alli Koch, and Mark Saroni went to compete under the lights on Saturday night. Andrew Joy was in the largest field of the night, with 71 Cat 4/5 men at the start line. Alli Koch started with 18 Cat 3/4/5 women and finished in 10th place. Mark Saroni finished in 8th place out of a field of 45 Cat 3/4 men. The 1.1 mile loop was a smooth course with only a few minor hills and 4 turns. It is an exciting place to watch and/or race bikes. The fourth and final race of the season for the Criterium of the Americas is scheduled for September 30th. Hope to see you at the race track!

Sunday is run day. As always, Paragon Training hosts a long run Sunday morning. This was the first time many of the UTSA athletes were back in town to join us. We had a nice brunch to follow. Good runs, good people, good food.

#pursuitofexcellence #thingswedoinspandex

Saturday August 19 - Criterium of the Americas

Andrew Joy - Result pending

Mark Saroni - 8th male 3/4

Alli Koch - 10th female 3/4/5

Make sure to send your pictures from training and racing to- racing@paragontraining.org so we can showcase all the rad stuff you guys do.

#pursuitofexcellence #thingswedoinspandex

#results #weekendrecap

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