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The Energizer Bunny Strikes Again

On Saturday morning, the Cotton Belt Classic Sprint Duathlon sent athletes on a 3k run - 10mi bike - 3k run challenge near Waco, TX. It was high intensity racing, and Carlos Torres performed well. Torres finished in 55 minutes which earned him FIRST overall. Torres is always wanting to do more in training and racing—one more lap on the track, or more time on a long run—the "Energizer Bunny" Torres is never quite done. After winning the Cotton Belt Classic, he was quickly recharged and out racing again the next day in the 40k Castroville Time Trial.

Saturday evening, three Paragon Training athletes and two UTSA Tri Club members competed in the Criterium of the Americas event at the Circuit of the Americas race track near Austin, TX. This was the first COTA crit race for both Anthony Evans of Paragon and Max Jarvie of UTSA. They raced under the lights in the men's Cat 4/5, which was the largest field of the night. In the women's Cat 3/4/5 Alli Koch placed 2nd and Kennedy Cunningham of UTSA placed 5th. Coach Mark placed 5th in the Cat 3/4 race.

Grete's Great Gallop is a 10k run through Central Park that attracted 3,157 men and 3,185 women on Sunday, including Paragon Training athlete Sarah Rasco. Rasco traveled up for the race and placed 2nd in her age group (out of 380!) with a time of 44:33. The race is a celebration of Grete Waitz, who won the New York City Marathon an astonishing nine times between 1978 and 1988.

The Castroville Time Trial Series concluded with its final event this last Sunday. Raul Correa, Diana Ruderman, and Carlos Torres all competed. Ruderman WON the women's open 40k race. Torres, the "Energizer Bunny," placed 2nd and Correa placed 3rd in the open 40k division.


Cotton Belt Classic Sprint Duathlon

Carlos Torres - 1st Male Overall

Grete's Great Gallop 10k

Sarah Rasco - 2nd Female Age Group

Criterium of the Americas

Mark Saroni - 5th Cat 3/4

Alli Koch - 2nd Cat 3/4/5

Castroville Time Trial 40k

Carlos Torres - 2nd Male Open

Raul Correa - 3rd Male Open

Diana Ruderman - 1st Female Open


Make sure to send your pictures from training and racing to: so we can showcase all the rad stuff you guys do.

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