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Kurz Crushes Competition

Team Paragon athlete Anna Kurz crushed it this past weekend, WINNING ALL THREE of her races at the Senior Games. Kurz cycled her way to first place in the 10k Time Trial and the 20k Road Race on Saturday. On Sunday, she was back at it. Kurz again raced her way to the top of the podium for the 40k Road Race. Way to go, Anna!

It was also a big weekend for the UTSA Triathlon Team at Bevoman. This was the Collegiate Regional Championship, held in Pace Bend Park. With 18 athletes competing, UTSA was one of the largest teams out there. The women's team won first place! Alli Koch placed third and Valerie Lozano placed fourth. Lozano also won second place for the collegiate series points. For men's and women's combined teams, it appears as though UTSA will earn third place in the region. UTSA now has two weeks until the Collegiate National Championship in Tuscaloosa!

A few of our athletes got to ride with legendary athlete Lance Armstrong. Raul Correa, Diana Ruderman, and Anthony Evans rode the WeDu Texas Hundred on Saturday, 100 miles starting from Central, TX. Ride on.


Saturday, April 14: Texas State Senior Games

Anna Kurz - 1st Female 50-54 10k Time Trial

Anna Kurz - 1st Female 50-54 20k Road Race

Sunday, April 15: Texas State Senior Games

Anna Kurz - 1st Female 50-54 40k Road Race

Sunday, April 15: Bevoman Olympic Triathlon

UTSA Women's Team - 1st

UTSA Men's Team - 5th

UTSA Combined - 3rd



Make sure to send your pictures from training and racing to: so we can showcase all the rad stuff you guys do.

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