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Rocking 'n Rolling: Paragon Takes The Stage

One Paragon athlete after another passed by. One after another. So many running shoes, so many steps, so many accomplishments! Over 30 athletes from across Paragon's various programs competed in the Rock 'n Roll Marathon Weekend. Held in downtown San Antonio this past Saturday and Sunday, Rock 'n Roll offered 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Half Relay, and Marathon races.

Accompanying the many athletes racing were a number of Paragon supporters. We set up our tent at Mile 11, at the top of one of the climbs, and cheered as athletes rounded the corner. We got to see the determination, the struggle for excellence, the pained expressions, and the smiles that reflected the joy of running.

It was a cold morning to start. Gradually, as the sun rose, it became hot for the runners. The course was relatively flat, but still offered some good climbs. Runners were together until Mile 12 or so, when Half and Relay runners split off to run around the Alamo Dome and finish in front of La Villita and Hemisfair Park. Over 2000 people competed in the marathon alone.

We celebrate everyone's finishes. We'd also like to provide a few highlights. Ildar Mannapov placed 3rd out of 70 racers in his age group for the 5k. Emi Furuya placed 6th in her age group for the Half, out of 958 racers. Sarah Rasco won 2nd place for her division in the Half, out of 1055 runners. In the co-ed relay, Raul Correa and Diana Ruderman won 2nd place in division and 5th overall, out of 473 teams. In the marathon, we had a lot of first timers: Jose Vaquedano, Paul Wilson, Tiffany Tabourne, Daiki Kitahara, and Elvia and Albert Rodriguez. Valerie Lozano won her age group, out of 87 runners. Jordan Chagoya placed 3rd in his age group, out of 94 runners. In addition to 30+ Paragon athletes, over 10 athletes from Mannapov LLC completed one or more of the events this past weekend as part of their corporate training partnership with Paragon. Wowza!


Saturday, December 7: Rock 'n Roll 5k and 10k

Kids Rock

Nadia Cardenas

Adrian Cardenas


Ildar Mannapov: 3rd Age Group 25-29, 22:29

Michael Chiang: 27:50

Max Budovskiy: 37:24

Roman Khaves: 37:24


Daiki Kitahara: 4th Age Group 18-24, 47:51

Sunday, December 8: Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon, Half Relay, and Marathon

Half Marathon

Emi Furuya: 6th Age Group 30-34, 1:34:26

Sarah Rasco: 2nd Age Group 40-44, 1:37:05

Kris Ryan: 1:36:11 Carlos Torres: 1:35:16

Nicolas Torres: 1:35:08 Ildar Mannapov: 1:43:45

Carlos Miranda: 1:39:59

Jen Upton: 2:31:30

Beth Holler: 2:33:02

Christian Larsen: 2:20:32

Beatriz Salvat: 2:17:38

Agustin Salvat: 2:11:24

Evan Landez: 1:40:45

Kacey McQuiston: 1:43:41

Justin McKenzie: 2:21:43

Kelly McConie: 2:14:10

April Smith-Koebel: 2:18:33

Sterling Manning: 3:08:06

Nicole Cavazos: 2:37:01

Michael Chiang: 2:07:10

Erica Van Nest: 2:23:26

Max Budovskiy: 2:35:12

Roma Khaves: No time.

Half Marathon Relay

Raul Correa and Diana Ruderman: 2nd Co-Ed Relay, 1:34:37

Diana Toledo and Jazzy Kaur: 2:30:58


Paul Wilson: 6:15:00

Justin Nix: 3:34:31

Jordan Chagoya: 3rd Age Group 18-24, 3:25:00

Tiffany Tabourne: 4:46:25

Daiki Kitahara: 4:27: 14

Valerie Lozano: 1st Age Group 18-24, 3:36:44

Eliva Rodriguez: 5:04:10

Albert Rodriguez: 4:35:10

William Nix: 4:01:41

Jose Vaquedano: 3:56:11

Victor Mares: 4:29:48


Make sure to send your pictures from training and racing to: so we can showcase all the rad stuff you guys do.

San Antonio Triathlon Team - San Antonio Triathlon Coach

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