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Frigid Waters at Bevoman!

Bevoman Triathlon

Paragon and UTSA athletes headed out to Pace Bend Park in the Austin area to compete at the Olympic distance Bevoman Triathlon. They camped out the night before the race at the park, and woke up to an air temperature of roughly 42°F, and a water temperature of a frigid 56°F! That didn't stop 10 brave, willful individuals from jumping in, though. The bike course consisted of 4 laps of rolling hills with over 1000ft of elevation gain, while the run was an out-and-back on pavement and off-road trail terrain.

In the collegiate division, Valerie Lozano crushed the course and took second place for the females. Evan Landez was the first finisher for the UTSA team and four others completed their first Olympic distance triathlon! The combined UTSA team placed 4th out of the 11 collegiate teams present, and their team is ranked 3rd out of 16 in their region.

In the open division, Alberto Rodriguez fought off nerves and the initial body shock reaction of the cold waters enabling him to make a strong finish. His wife, Elvia, was attempting her first Olympic distance race (and open water swim), but amidst the cold, she was forced to withdraw during the swim.

Great job fighting for the finish!

Run The Alamo 10k

Raul Correa, Diana Ruderman, and Robin Golden competed in the 10k race at Purpose Racing's Run The Alamo. The event has a 5k, 10k, half and full marathon course options that take place downtown and finishes at the Alamo. Ruderman ran her way to the 1st overall female position; Correa took first in his age group and 3rd overall; Golden snagged 3rd in her age group! Amazing work!

Short Course Alamo Cup

This swim meet took place in the outdoor pool at the Northside ISD Natatorium and it was also a cold day. Numerous swimmers swam events new to them for the first time (say that 5 times fast). Everyone walked away with at least one new best time and slightly numb toes.


Bevoman Triathlon

Collegiate results:

Evan Landez: 2:48:03, 22nd

Valerie Lozano: 2:48:51, 2nd

Tiffany Tabourne: 3:01:53, 8th

Josh Myers: 3:12:49, 42nd

Thomas Willmott: 3:16:12, 44th

Erick Ovalle: 3:21:54, 49th

Paul Woody: 3:31:03, 54th

Daiki Kitahara: 3:32:20, 55th

Open Division:

Albert Rodriguez: 3:37:49, 6th age group (AG)

Elvia Rodriguez: DNF

Run the Alamo 10k

Raul Correa: 38:52.8, 3rd overall, 1st AG

Diana Ruderman: 41:32.3, 1st overall female

Robin Golden: 50:46.5, 32nd overall, 3rd AG


Make sure to send your pictures from training and racing to: so we can showcase all the rad stuff you guys do.

San Antonio Triathlon Team - San Antonio Triathlon Coach

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