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April Showers and Collegiate Nationals

USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals (USAT-CN)

April showers, spring flowers, and USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals (USAT-CN) in Tempe, Arizona. The UTSA triathlon team was in Tempe, Arizona last weekend for their final collegiate race of the season. 11 athletes represented team UTSA and 5 members were racing at nationals for their first time. 477 women and 641 men were competing in Tempe, creating a very competitive field.

Veterans like Valerie Lozano, Tiffany Tabourne, and Evan Landez had killer races (yes, races!) and represented their team well. Three races take place over the course of the weekend: a sprint distance draft legal race on Friday, an Olympic distance triathlon on Saturday morning, and a super-sprint mixed-team relay on Saturday afternoon.

UTSA mixed team relay earned 28th out of 44 teams. The men's team placed 58/93 while the women's team placed 48/93, and combined team rankings (male and female) placed UTSA in 51st! Congratulations to everyone, and although the collegiate season is over, tri-season has just arrived.

Ironman 70.3 Texas

Unfortunately, the April showers were quite strong this weekend at Ironman 70.3 Texas in Galveston forcing athletes to stop racing during the final leg of the triathlon as race directors closed down the course. A strong storm blew in creating unsafe conditions. Most athletes were unable to complete the race, but Carlos Torres managed to squeak on by. Sadly, his time was not recored. We had five Paragon athletes (listed below) out there this weekend. Keep up the hard work, there's another race around the corner!!

Brazos Bend 10k

Robin Golden placed 9th overall despite not feeling her best


Ironman 70.3 Texas

Bryan Knipfer

Alberto Rodriguez

Carlos Torres

Jose Vaquedano

Elvia Rodriguez

USAT Collegiate Nationals

Valerie Lozano: olympic 69th, 2:32:58; draft legal 33rd, 1:18:10

Annie Schawe: olympic 355th, 3:13:21

Tiffany Tabourne: olympic 255th, 2:57:23; draft legal 56th, 1:29:59

Alexis Coulter: olympic 452nd, 3:51:23

Evan Landez: olympic 306th, 2:30:12, draft legal 66th 1:22:10

Erick Ovalle: olympic 416th, 2:40:28

Daiki Kitahara: olympic 430th, 2:42:07

Josh Myers: olympic 432nd, 2:42:23

Andrews Weathers: olympic 563rd, 3:04:31

Paul Woody: olympic 503rd, 2:52:18

Robert Dreamkowski: olympic 609th, 3:27:17

Mixed Team Relay: 28/44, 1:23:56

Josh Myers

Tiffany Tabourne

Evan Landez

Valerie Lozano

Brazos Bend 10k

Robin Golden: 1:05:09


Make sure to send your pictures from training and racing to: so we can showcase all the rad stuff you guys do.

San Antonio Triathlon Team - San Antonio Triathlon Coach

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