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Paragon Takes The Podium

Memorial Day weekend is a time to be thankful for our military and all their sacrifices. We appreciate everything they have done, and will do, for us. Most people may head to the river, lake, pool (for fun), BBQ picnics, or simply enjoy their long weekend away from work. However, our athletes take to the races.

Life Time Tri CapTex

Eight athletes represented us for this Memorial Day race at the state capital. Six competed in the Olympic distance and two in the sprint.

For the Olympic distance race, Andrew Joy was just shy of the podium landing in 4th for his age group. Eric Ovalle pulled off a 3rd place finish for the male collegiate division earning himself a case of beer (I do believe that was some strong motivation for him). Jose Vaquedano, Ildar Mannapov and Justin McKenzie put on great efforts as they start to hone their skills for the season.

Lastly for the Olympic distance race, Mark Saroni does it again! Not only does he preach ( consistency and hard work, he also leads by example and earned the top spot on the podium for the open elite division. Smoking second place by roughly 5 minutes, it seems the key to winning may just be to train for an Ironman, but race 1/4th of it.

In the sprint distance race, Nytzia Deason earned herself 3rd in the female collegiate division. Mason Riley shows up for his first tri of the season and took first in his age group.

Amazing job everyone! Keep making us proud.

American Hero 25k Relay

This race features many formats; 5 person 25k relay or solo 25k or 5k runs are a few options. This race also hosts a 25k relay national championship race in which the winning team can net $2,000! Winning the individual races earns $200. Three of our female athletes competed in the 25k solo event: Emi Nix, Sarah Rasco, and Sanaa Cody.

Sanaa Cody unfortunately DNF'd, but Rasco earned 2nd in the Master Female division and Emi Nix took home that $200 prize! That's right, she had the fastest time overall for the females and won first place finishing in 2:01:53! Congrats to all three of you!



Life Time Tri CapTex ​

Olympic Distance

Mark Saroni; 1:54:07, 1st overall

Andrew Joy; 2:28:33, 4th AG

Jose Vaquedano; 2:33:12, 23rd AG

Ildar Mannapov; 2:37:16, 22nd AG

Eric Ovalle; 2:53:47, 3rd collegiate

Justin McKenzie; 3:05:22, 57th AG

Sprint Distance

Mason Riley; 1:11:08, 1st AG

Nytzia Deason; 1:44:38, 3rd collegiate

American Hero 25k Relay

Emi Nix; 2:01:53, 1st overall female

Sarah Rasco; 2:16:47, 2nd AG

Sanaa Cody; DNF


Make sure to send your pictures from training and racing to: so we can showcase all the rad stuff you guys do.

San Antonio Triathlon Team - San Antonio Triathlon Coach

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