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Keep Austin Fast, and Houston Too

So many personal records (PRs) to go around this weekend! Multiple Paragon Training athletes raced the 3M Half Marathon in Austin: Raul Correa, Carlos Torres, Robin Golden and Emi Furuya hit their time goals. And, Agustin and Beatriz Salvat, April Smith, Lexa Rijos, Renee Patlan, Emily White, and Jessica de los Santos all set new PR performances!

We also had three athletes racing the Houston Half Marathon. Kelly McConie and Helen Konduris raced, and Carlos Velez ran his way to a new PR! Velez's Half Marathon time also placed him 10th in his age group, out of 874!

Sunday, January 19: 3M Half Marathon

Raul Correa

Jessica De Los Santos

Robin Golden

Emi Nix Renee Patlan

Lexa Rijos

Agustin Salvat

Beatriz Salvat

April Smith

Carlos Torres

Emily White

Sunday, January 19: Chevron Houston Half Marathon

Helen Konduris

Kelly McConie

Carlos Velez - 10th Place AG


Make sure to send your pictures from training and racing to: so we can showcase all the rad stuff you guys do.

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