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The Best Resistance Band Workouts for Swimmers

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

15 Best Resistance Band Workouts for Swimmers in 2021

Resistance band workouts can be a great way to simulate swimming when you don’t have a access to a pool, lake, river, or ocean. Here are the top 15 resistance band exercises (plus warmups) that will help swimmers and triathletes efficiently increase strength in freestyle, open water, and triathlon swimming. The exercises specifically target the key aspects of the freestyle swim stroke and are an effective way to increase strength.

What are the best resistance band exercises for swimmers and triathletes?

The best resistance band exercises for swimmers are designed to improve each phase of the swim stroke . In the exercises we designed in a progressive way, We designed the exercises to be progressive, meaning that we focused on only one motion at a time, in the order that it occurs in the stroke. We carefully thought about how to optimize your time spent on swim drills, in order to gain the most strength for each specific motion of freestyle. Swimmers and triathletes should use these resistance band workouts and swim training plans as complete, freestyle open water swim workouts when a pool is not available, or as an ongoing supplement to swim training. The resistance band workouts and swim training plans are an effective use of time to maintain and improve strength when you’re not swimming.

Here are the best resistance band exercises for swimmers and triathletes broken down by phase of the swim stroke

  1. Warmup

    1. Small arm circles

    2. Medium arm circles

    3. Large arm circles with freestyle stroke

    4. Overhead arms

    5. Overhead arms with lean

    6. Overhead arms with crossed leg lean

    7. Forward arms rotations

  2. Catch

    1. Butterfly half stroke

    2. Freestyle full stroke

    3. Full butterfly stroke

    4. Freestyle full

  3. Pull

    1. Freestyle pulse

    2. Triceps extension

    3. Triceps overhead push

    4. Standing chest press

  4. Exit

    1. Standing row

    2. Standing row bad to good posture

  5. Rotation

    1. 45 degree step and 90 degree rotation

    2. Quick rotation pulses

  6. Support muscles

    1. Shoulder 180 to 90 degree

    2. Shoulder 90 to 0 degree

    3. Should 90 to 180 degree

What is the best swim training plan when there is no pool?

We created a swim training plan that is designed to provide progressive improvements through the resistance band exercises. The workouts get increasingly more challenging as you build strength.

Complete this dedicated block of dryland swimming workouts with stretch cords to improve your swim stroke. You can also add these exercises to a normal swim training plan for added strength improvement and resistance to injury, or just complete the exercises in the order they are given in sequence above for a good progression through every phase of the freestyle stroke and an effective freestyle, butterfly, open water, or tri swim workout.

Structured swim training plan to help improve swimming technique and strength

You can get the full structured swim training plan at our website. The plan incorporates the exercises in our video and is a great way to progressively get stronger and improve your swimming fitness.

Check out our ONLINE TRAINING PLANS to take your performance to the next level


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