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From ER to Ironman

It is the longest day for a triathlete: 2.4 miles in the water, 112 miles on the bike, and 26.2 miles of feet pounding the pavement. Crossing the Ironman finish line is no small task. It is especially no small task when you do it 14 months after being T-boned by a truck on your bicycle.

Team Paragon triathlete Jorge Garcia is a warrior through and through. From the battlefields in Iraq to his quest for Ironman, Garcia's fortitude and determination in all of life are inspiring. While training for Ironman Arizona last fall, Garcia was in his aerobars when a truck pulled out in front of him. He hit the truck head-on and awoke in the ER with serious head, neck, back, and chest injuries. With time and diligent rehab, Garcia was out training and racing again as soon as he could. He set his goal on Ironman and wasn't going to let the crash deter him.

This past weekend, the goal became a reality. Garcia joined over 3,000 athletes on Saturday for Ironman Florida in Panama City Beach. The course is a popular choice with its two-loop swim course in the Gulf of Mexico and flat bike and run courses. Garcia kept a steady pace despite the many mental and physical challenges. He crossed under the finish line arch with a time of 16:19:47. Garcia, you are an Ironman!


Saturday - Ironman Florida, Panama City Beach

Jorge Garcia - 47th Male 60-64


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