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Rock 'n Roll San Antonio

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

San Antonio was abuzz this weekend with runners. The Rock n' Roll Marathon came to town, and running enthusiasts gathered to test their speed and endurance. The 5k and 10k races were on Saturday morning. The marathon, half marathon, and half marathon relay were on Sunday morning. Overzealous runners could do the 10k-marathon combo for an additional medal. Over the course of the weekend, over 30 of our Paragon athletes competed in their first running event!

The Mannapov, LLC corporate training group embarked on a new fitness journey together as they trained in the weeks leading up to this event. Many ran their first 5k, a few did the half, and one did his first full marathon. Team Paragon also had a sizeable group of racers. Emi Furuya and Diana Toledo raced the half marathon relay together, as did Raul Correa and Diana Ruderman. Out of 405, these teams placed 27th and 2nd overall! Raul and Diana won the coed division; Diana and Emi placed 8th in the female division.

Those running the half marathon included Carlos Torres and his son, Nicolas; Kacey McQuiston; Mark Saroni; and Paul Wilson. A total of 10,426 racers finished the half marathon. Doing the marathon were Team Paragon members Justin McKenzie, Ildar Mannapov, Michael Chiang, and Sarah Rasco. 2,835 finished the marathon in total. It was a long and humid day for the runners, but Team Paragon members had a large group of support to cheer them to the finish line. Congratulations runners!

Also of note this weekend...

Jason McIntyre competed at the TMBRA XC MTB Marathon Race this past weekend in Fredericksburg. The race was three laps of a 12.7-mile course.


Saturday, Dec. 2 - Rock n' Roll 5k and 10k

Mannapov, LLC

Kacey McQuiston - 10k

Valerie Lozano (UTSA) - 10k

Jordan Chagoya (UTSA) - 10k

Sunday, Dec. 3 - Rock n' Roll Marathon, Half Marathon, and Half Marathon Relay

Diana Toledo & Emi Furuya - 27th Relay

Diana Ruderman & Raul Correa - 2nd Relay

Carlos Torres - Half

Kacey McQuiston - Half

Mark Saroni - Half

Paul Wilson - Half

Ildar Mannapov - Marathon

Michael Chiang - Marathon

Sarah Rasco - Marathon

Justin McKenzie - Marathon

Valerie Lozano (UTSA) - Marathon

Evan Landez (UTSA) - Marathon

Jordan Chagoya (UTSA) - Marathon


Send your pictures from training and racing to: so we can showcase all the rad stuff you guys do.

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