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Upcoming Events and Training

Hey athletes! We like to keep you in the loop concerning training opportunities we have, so that you can join us if scheduling permits. These group workouts are in public places, on open roads, and are not sanctioned events. You are in charge of knowing the route and taking care of your own safety and well being. Make sure you bring the necessary equipment, food, water, spare tools, a knowledge of the route and local roads, the physical fitness to do it safely, and anything else you feel you may need. These are NOT races nor can we guarantee that there won't be cars, trucks, heat, wind, hills and other dangers. Please, always come prepared and stay safe out there!


Sunday, February 11 - Long Run

Time: 8:00 AM

Cost: FREE

Location: Leon Creek Valero Trailhead (Drury Inn)

*Refreshments provided.



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