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10k in Bali, Ironman in Texas

After a quiet, relaxing, carb-loading Easter weekend with family and friends two weeks ago, our athletes switched gears this past weekend and were racing all over the globe to burn off those extra calories. Our athletes packed their bags, put their goggles on, and laced up their shoes to show off their hard training. All distances were covered from 10k to full Ironman! We couldn’t be happier of the efforts our members put out.

Ironman Texas

Pablo Bueno proved that a full distance Ironman was a piece of cake. Day in and day out he logged hours of training for months, and the efforts have paid off. Racing for just over 12 hours, Bueno pushed his body to its limits and successfully completed his first Ironman!

Sterling Manning finished the swim in strong fashion but was unable to complete the bike ride. His attitude remains highly positive and he learned a lot from his experience. We will continue to encourage and support him as he now knows what he needs to do to better prepare for the next one.

The North Face - Endurance 50 Mile Run

Ian Sewalt seems to think being in the military isn’t hard enough so he chose to run a 50 miler for the first time all the way out in Washington DC! Sewalt ran at an impressive pace just breaking the 10-hour finish time for this “gnarly” race, and earned himself the badge of an ultra-runner.

Xterra ATX Triathlon

This race had several variations to choose from, but everyone from Paragon chose to compete in the triathlon. Mark Saroni, Justin Nix, and Fernando Sanchez of Team Paragon and Thomas Willmott and Daiki Kitahara of UTSA competed at this race in Pace Bend Park near Austin, Texas. Xterra triathlon follows the same swim-bike-run format as a normal triathlon with the added challenge of being a mountain bike ride and trail run.

Pontevedra ITU Multisport World Championships

This weeklong tour of racing was represented by Raul Correa and Diana Ruderman as they traveled to Spain to partake in 2 of the 5 events spanning from April 27th through May 4th. This past weekend they ran in the duathlon, and next Thursday they’ll partake in the aquathlon world champion event.

BS Brewery Bike Race

Carlos Torres rode through the hills just east of San Antonio for this series second race.

10k in Bali

While on vacation in Bali, Albert and Elvia Rodriguez seemed to be a little too relaxed so they decided to spice it up with a 10k. Talk about dedication.

Wildflower 60 mile Bike Ride

A group of athletes did a thing in spandex.



Ironman Texas

Pablo Bueno: 12:22:41

Sterling Manning: 1:33:08 (SWIM), DNF

The North Face - Endurance 50 Mile Run

Ian Sewalt: 9:59:42, 6th AG

Xterra ATX Triathlon

Mark Saroni: 1:51:25, 1st AG, 2nd overall

Justin Nix: 2:46:23, 6th AG

Thomas Willmott: 3:03:57, 3rd AG

Daiki Kitahara: 3:06:00, 2nd AG

Fernando Sanchez: 3:34:31, 14th AG

Pontevedra ITU Multisport World Championships

Diana Ruderman: 2:53:19, 12th AG

Raul Correa: 2:39:35, 32nd AG


Make sure to send your pictures from training and racing to: so we can showcase all the rad stuff you guys do.

San Antonio Triathlon Team - San Antonio Triathlon Coach

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