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December Athlete Spotlight - Meet Alfonso

Meet our December Athlete Spotlight, Alfonso Campa! Alfonso had quite the year. He was one of the few, fortunate athletes that got to race an IRONMAN, in Florida. He and his wife, Rosalinda, also welcomed baby William into the Campa family this year! And, it's birthday month for Alfonso, so there is a lot to celebrate.

Alfonso raced IRONMAN Florida last month

Age: I will be turning 41 this December on the 24th....yep I'm a Christmas Eve baby :) Occupation: I'm a Senior Technical Manager for USAA. I've been with the company going on 14 years and they have been great to me and my family. Over the years, I've been able to meet and work with a lot of great leaders and mentors. The biggest enjoyment of my job is mentoring junior engineers/developers. I assist and coach them in creating career road maps, goals and guide them however I can to be successful. I've been working from home since mid-March and it has been a bit of an adjustment now that the wife and kids are also working and schooling from home. Throw in a newborn that we welcomed in August and things are popping in the Campa home :) How long have you been swimming, cycling, running, and/or doing triathlons?

I think I started running somewhere in 2011 only because some of the guys on my team started running and talked me into it. Sort of the same thing happened with cycling. One of my coworkers was talking about how much fun he was having cycling, so it got me interested, and one day a bike showed up and off I went. One day on a ride with a buddy, a guy on a yellow TT bike (I didn't know what a TT bike was back then) flew past us and I was like "What is that thing?!?" My buddy said, "Oh that's So and So, he just finished an Ironman." I got home, Googled Ironman, and I was hooked....they really know how to sell it. So in mid-2012, I signed up for swimming lessons and the rest is history. What aspects of triathlon do you enjoy most?

This is a great question. There is the aspect of creating goals early in the year and working to achieve them, but I think I get most gratitude watching others around me achieving and celebrating their successes....I'm a big cheerleader in the course....if I know you or know your name I'm cheering for you. What has been your favorite training or racing event, and why?

Kerrville is a race I look forward to every year because I can race both days and also get a chance to race alongside my son Jacob (14) for the Sprint. We're both super competitive, so it makes for a lot of trash talking and also creates some great memories. What is your favorite post-workout or race meal?

For post-workout, scrambled eggs and pancakes or waffles are my go to....I think I actually eat that just about every morning. For racing events, I like to eat pizza and/or pasta the night before. The morning of the race I typically hit a Whataburger (if in the area) for an Egg/Bacon Taquito with a Coke, and then post race is BBQ, with a nice cold Diet Coke. Since most races are out of town I'm scoping out BBQ places days if not weeks before....I'm different I know.

What is one recent accomplishment you are proud of?

Getting on the podium and crushing personal best times are great motivations for me, but my proudest and biggest accomplishment has to be my family. I'm so proud to have a great bunch of kids (Illiana 18, Daniel 17, Jacob 14, Samantha 12, William 3M) and an awesome woman on my side...Rosalinda. We are one big support system and enjoy that we can create and share achievements and great memories together all the time. What do you want to be when you grow up?

If I could go back in time and slap myself in the face to get my act together, I would be a fighter jet pilot. I have this fascination with them.....I get goosebumps watching the new Top Gun trailer! It was cool watching all the jets fly around IMFL weekend recently with the Air Force base down the road....I need to find a way to go for a ride in one....anyone have a hook up? What is something no one knows about you?

I grew up riding horses and lassoing. Every ache, pain and scar on my body is due to either being dragged across rocks and cactuses, knocked off, kicked or bitten by a horse. I still enjoy riding every now and then when I need to get away and zone out for a bit.

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