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How to change your workout settings in TrainingPeaks

When you purchase a training plan from Paragon Training, workouts in the plan are based on the training zones that you set up in your account. Each workout gives you a specific pace, power, or heart rate to run but did you know that you can change WHICH unit your workout instructions are given in?

For example, many people do not have a powermeter for cycling. A common question we get asked is whether they can still use a power-based training plan? The answer is yes. All our training plans can be edited by the user to have instructions given in whichever units of measurement you want.

A common example is changing power-based cycling workouts to give intensity zones using heart rate or RPE instead of power.

Or runners sometimes like to use heart rate instead of pace for their easy runs and long runs.

Regardless of which units of measurements you want to use, you can easily adjust them following the steps below:

1. From a Laptop or Desktop computer, click on the specific workout you want to edit from your calendar view in TrainingPeaks.

TIP: At this time, you can't edit a TrainingPeaks training plan via a mobile device so make sure you're on a desktop device.

  • TIP: You have to change workout units one at a time. You can't do a bulk edit.

Triathlon Training plan in TrainingPeaks

2. Select the blue "Builder" bar along the top of your workout. You can click anywhere in the builder bar.

Triathlon Training plan in TrainingPeaks

3. Select the "units" tab from the dropdown menu.

Triathlon Training plan in TrainingPeaks

4. Select which units you want your workout instructions to be given in.

Triathlon Training plan in TrainingPeaks

5. Your workout will now give you instructions in whatever units you selected. You can always change it to a different one if you wish and remember, you do have to change each workout individually.

Triathlon Training plan in TrainingPeaks

Now go train hard and SUFFER FASTER.

If you have any questions during this process or while training, reach out to us at- and one of our coaches will be happy to assist you.

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