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IRONMAN Virtual Club—Triathletes getting the work in

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

IRONMAN has launched an online platform for virtual racing, the IRONMAN Virtual Club. It's one more way our athletes are staying fit and competitive.

So far, we've had eleven Team Paragon athletes competing in the races. Virtual Race #1 was a 70.3 Distance Duathlon. [There's no swimming in these races]. VR2 was an Olympic distance duathlon, and last weekend, with VR3, athletes competed in a sprint distance event.

Of special note, Lexa Rijos placed fourth in her age group for IRONMAN VR2!

The new app has a few hiccups still to work through, and we've had a few of our own. Flat tires still happen indoors, and cutoff times still apply to virtual races. "Anywhere is Possible"—IRONMAN's new tagline definitely applies.

We will continue to run, bike, and run during self-quarantine. And, we're mixing it up with Zoom workouts for Coach Core Crunch and Stretch Cord Swims with Coach Mark and Coach Jerett.

Let's see what's in store for VR4! The next race is another Olympic distance event, with a 3k run, 40k ride, and 10k run.

IRONMAN VR2, Age Group Rank
IRONMAN VR2, Age Group Rank

Coach Jerett Leads Stretch Cord Swim with Helpers


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