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June Athlete Spotlight - Meet Renee

Meet our June Athlete Spotlight, Renee Patlan! Renee is an endurance athlete through and through. She puts her head down and quietly executes the work, without questioning and without complaint. Renee came to triathlon and Paragon Training through her best friend, "Bestie" Lexa Rijos, who train and race as an inseparable pair. Renee was looking to improve her running, but she got so much more! Great having you as part of the team, Renee!

Renee at IRONMAN 70.3 Texas. Photo by Scott Flathouse.

Age: 41

Occupation: Hospitalist Nurse Practitioner

How long have you been swimming, cycling, running, and/or doing triathlons? I grew up playing sports (softball/basketball), but I hated running! My sister talked me into running a half marathon in 2007 and I found that I actually enjoyed running! Triathlon then came into my life when Lexa, who was my run coach at the time, mentioned triathlon would make me faster and a better athlete, so I figured I would try the triathlon thing out. I completed my first triathlon in 2016 and was immediately hooked!

What aspects of triathlon do you enjoy most? I enjoy the challenge and competition. Triathlon is a hard challenge no matter the distance. There is always more to learn and room for improvement. The feeling of accomplishment when finishing a race is like no other. I especially enjoy the community and friendships made!

What has been your favorite training or racing event, and why? Running the Boston Marathon is high on my list. It was the culmination of so much hard work and training. The energy, excitement, and rows of people cheering for 26.2 miles is something I've never experienced!

Renee and Lexa at Gravel Locos in Hico, TX

What is your favorite post-workout or race meal? I love great pizza and beer!

What is one recent accomplishment you are proud of? I’m most proud of finishing grad school.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Sports photojournalist. Traveling and attending sporting events, winning!

What is something no one knows about you? As a kid I collected sports trading cards.

Renee, Lexa, and friends at Boston Marathon


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