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Running Drills: Routine 2

This is our second routine of running drills that we do with our athletes on a weekly basis. Typically, on Tuesdays at the track, we do Running Drill Routine #1, that we have a YouTube video out for. And on Thursdays when we do our endurance and tempo runs, we do this Running Drill Routine #2.

Starting with Toy Soldiers, take three steps, and then swing your leg straight up, and touch it with your opposite hand. Do 10 to 20 steps of opposite arm-leg touch. Try to keep that leg straight so you get a nice stretch through the hamstring.

Now Kick Backs. This is a way to get a little bit of stretch on the front of the body. Basically, do a regular quad stretch and then try to activate the hamstring and extend the leg straight back behind you. Make sure you don’t twist or rotate your hips to the side while you do this, so the hip flexor also gets a stretch.

Now Straight Leg Bounds, hoping from one leg to the other trying to keep the legs as straight as possible. Then you do the same thing backwards with a slight forward lean. Again, really working on engaging the hamstring and the glute as you extend the leg straight backwards.

Next up is Foot Taps. This is a complicated one. You try to land with both feet on the ground at the exact same time, bounce off both feet, but one knee pops up higher than the other every time. See here she is doing it with her right leg. Both feet touch the ground, but the right knee pushes upwards. You can see this athlete is just learning the drill. She’s really close. A little bit more work, and she’ll have her feet touching at exactly the same moment, instead of one foot slightly before the other.

Now “C” Skips. If you remember our “A” and “B” skips from Running Drills Routine #1, this is just an additional variation and a progression of that. You skip, driving the knee up, and then to the side. Up, to the side. Up, to the side.

Another variation of “C” skips is to do it in streamline. This helps activate the torso a little bit more, keeps the posture nice and tall, and gets a little stretch through the shoulders. We hope you enjoy this second routine of running drills and can mix it up with our Running Drills Routine #1 during your weekly workouts.


*10-20 steps of each drill

1. Toy Soldiers

2. Kick Backs

3. Straight Leg Bounds

4. Straight Leg Bounds – Backwards

5. Foot Taps

6. “C” Skips

7. “C” Skips – Streamlined


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