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Volunteering for a 5k!

Paragon members were racing and volunteering all weekend long from here to Austin.

Canyon 360 Lab Triathlon Performance Workshop

On Saturday, Andrew Joy, Raul Correa, Diana Ruderman, Agustin Salvat, and Mark Saroni attended the Canyon 360 Lab Triathlon Performance Workshop. This workshop was filled with top professionals sharing their knowledge and helping others hone their skills. This a workshop was included swims, bike fits, strength workouts, group rides, open discussions with pro triathlete Andrew Talansky, and anything and everything you could think of. Search their page on FB for more details. Sounds like it was a ton of fun.

Luke Holler 5k Memorial Run

Eight athletes laced 'em for a quick 5k last Sunday and they did very well! Carlos Torres narrowly missed 1st place overall. Sanaa Cody secured 2nd in her age group and was the 4th overall female finisher.

Elvia Rodriguez showed up to volunteer along with JD Chacon, Beatrice Gamboa Salvat, and Berto Rodriguez. Berto secretly ran off to sign Elvia up to race (not volunteer) the 5k, and she ended up placing 3rd in her age group! Ildar Mannapov, Justin McKenzie, Emi Nix, Nikki Cavazos, and Diana Toledo also showed their support by putting in some early morning miles and sweating their way to the finish line.

2019 Driveway Series (May 30) Criterium

Jenna Velasco competed at the Austin Driveway Series and went all out for just about 25 minutes. These are some very quick, very intense races. She crossed the line in 20th place, and gained tons of experience.



Luke Holler 5k

Carlos Torres: 22:19; 1st AG, 2nd overall male

Sanaa Cody: 25:41; 2nd AG, 4th overall female

Elvia Rodriguez: 28:53; 3rd AG, 9th overall female

Ildar Mannapov: 29:28; 5th AG

Justin McKenzie: 32:25; 9th AG

Emi Nix: 33:00; 9th AG

Nikki Cavazos; 33:21, 4th AG

Diana Toledo; 34:13; 6th AG

2019 Driveway Series (May 30) Criterium

Jenna Velasco: 24:37; 20th in Women's 3/4/5


Make sure to send your pictures from training and racing to: so we can showcase all the rad stuff you guys do.

San Antonio Triathlon Team - San Antonio Triathlon Coach

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