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Get to Know: Rebecca Marrou—Raising a Family While Competing as a Pro Triathlete

Get to Know: Rebecca Marrou

We had the privilege of speaking with Rebecca Marrou, one of the pro triathletes on our Paragon Pro Squad this season (2023). Rebecca's story is inspiring for anyone looking to understand the real challenges behind raising children and building a family while cultivating an athletic career and competing at an elite level.

Rebecca and I discuss her "origin story" in triathlon, the importance faith plays in her own athletic journey, and the challenges as well as the boons of being a mother while competing at an elite level. Rebecca also faced a major setback last year due to a major injury. This season, she's had to juggle recovery, maintaining her pro card status, and managing her household and family.

If you're balancing building a family, juggling life priorities, and looking to still push at an elite level, give this podcast a listen.

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Learn more about Rebecca and Follow her on Social Media!

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