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"You Need a Water Break" - Hydration while Triathlon Training

Updated: May 6

Spring has sprung, y'all.

"Remember The Titans" with Denzel Washington was one of my favorite movies growing up.

Looking back, I laugh at this scene and I still love it BUT I also cringe at how recently we were still disillusioned with the idea that "not drinking water" was somehow tough.

Cue a recurring message from our Paragon Training coaches: staying hydrated while training in the heat is crucial.

Triathlon Training and Hydration

The Importance of Hydration for Triathlon Training

Most of us pay excellent lip service to hydration. We're adults. We tell our kids to drink water all the time (if you have kids). But do we truly practice it ourselves?

Tips to remember about hydration as the temps outside heat up:

  1. When it first starts getting warm, our bodies are not as well-adapted to the temperature so we sweat LESS. As we acclimate, we sweat more VOLUME.

  2. Peeing clear once doesn't mean you're hydrated. Chronic hydration/dehydration isn't fixed with one glass of water. Absorption is the key here. Your tissues and cells need to stay absorbed with water to function at full capacity. A friend got me these whizz wand sticks a few years ago- What's really interesting is that often when I "think" I'm hydrated, the Wand tells me I'm not. A good reminder not to let up my hydration habits just because I peed once (read: coffee!)

  3. As it gets warm, remember that you will be sweating more at ALL hours of the day and night. Not just during exercise. 

  4. Sodium is the main electrolyte we lose when we sweat. Marketing may tell you to get "all your electrolytes" but the reality is that sodium is by and far the largest percentage of what you lose in sweat.

  5. Maintaining proper hydration and electrolyte balance is crucial for optimal cell, muscle, and BRAIN function. Energy dipping in the afternoon? I've had it happen to me when it's purely lack of water. It's incredibly sad that something so basic can be the cause of a drop in mental function, but it's true.

Hydration while training

Nothing earth-shattering here for you all-- just a few reminders that are part of the foundation of performance and function in triathlon training, racing, and LIFE.

As with all things that go into being a good athlete, be mindful of your hydration before, during, and after triathlon training.

Many people "suffer" in the heat because they don't prepare and hydrate properly!

Fill up that pink bottle again and again with water and your electrolytes of choice.

You need a water break.

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